We are stand agency

We’re a PR and social media consultancy that gets results because we’re not afraid to stand out.

We love big issues and ideas. We know how to influence opinions, change behaviours and build brand credibility.

Challenger brands are our life blood. We are helping ambitious businesses to take on the incumbents in their market with something better. We’re giving a voice to charities who want to challenge perceptions or attitudes.

We offer the full communications toolbox and we’re experts at selecting the right tool for the job. We truly get business and the bigger picture so our PR activity always drives your organisational objectives. There’s no topic we can’t get our heads around.

What we are…

  • We’re quirky and we’re proud of it.
    We’re experienced professionals, but it’s the personality and creativity of our team that sets us apart. Yoga masters, heroic travelers, choir singers, culinary magicians and multi-linguists, we bring our own perspectives to every project.
  • We challenge.
    We love pushing boundaries. We’re not afraid of difficult subjects and shaking things up to change the way people think, feel and act. We don’t just default to tried and tested ideas. We’ll always question whether something is right for you.
  • We’re strategic.
    The best results come from strong strategy and always having a plan. We won’t stop asking questions until we get to the heart of your problem, or we’ll do the digging to find an issue or idea you should take a stand on.
  • We’re hungry – and not just for cake.
    Tenacious is too tame a word. Agile and doggedly determined, we think big and we don’t stop until we get results.
  • We make an impression.
    We’re the bright flash of colour in a mass of grey corporates; we’re the ideas and results you’ll never forget. Brilliant press coverage, head-turning social media, high-impact advertorials, or savvy political messaging – our ideas make you stand out.

What we are not…

  • We’re not like other agencies.
    We’ve worked in large agencies before – so we’ve taken the best from there and added a few special ingredients to create a supportive and open way of working.
  • We’re not formulaic.
    We don’t take a cookie cutter approach to PR, or throw everything at an issue and hope something will stick. We understand what we’re trying to achieve.
  • We’re not going to tell you the Emperor has clothes on.
    We say it like it is. No empty jargon, no meaningless metrics. We pride ourselves in simplicity and while we’re straight-talking, we’re also tactful.
  • We don’t brush things under the carpet.
    We’re realistic – sometimes things don’t work out as you expect them to. If this happens, we’ll be open with our clients and find a route that works.
  • We’re not driven by output over outcome – and we don’t treat you like numbers on a timesheet.
    We’re not PR robots in a corporate machine. We’ll get under the skin of your business and find out what makes you tick. We only do work we’re proud to love.