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What podcasts you should be listening to right now

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At Stand we are avid consumers of media. From newspapers to magazines, websites and television – there’s a plethora of ways that we follow, digest and discover the news. It’s this constant curiosity that leads to our weekly team emails sharing documentary recommendations, must-see shows and most-recently – our must-listen podcasts.

Like many people, I got sucked into the podcast world last winter with the now-iconic true-crime Serial podcast, a series that had me attached to my headphones as I binge-listened to the story of Adnan. Did he? Didn’t he? It was the talk of the office.

Since then, I have moved my podcast listening beyond true-crime (a bit stressful pre-9am) and have discovered some great podcasts that are not only super interesting, but also really handy in the PR world.

Here are my top picks for you to listen to at the moment (in no order).


Launched only this week, S-Town has been met with a lot of hype. It’s set to be THE watercooler conversation topic this summer. Produced by the creators of the aforementioned Serial podcast, S-Town starts as a true-crime story but then, in a sudden turn of events, it turns into, well – something quite different. I am only on episode three (probably episode five by the time I am home…) because after starting last night, I am hooked. I have already laughed and cried. No doubt it’s set to be a goodie.


BBC Woman’s Hour podcast

Since I don’t get the chance to tune into Woman’s Hour during my week days, I relish the time I get to listen to the show on my commutes home. If you don’t know Woman’s Hour (you should know it), it’s a BBC icon. Celebrating its 70th year in 2017, the programme is a magazine-style show consisting of reports, interviews and debates – all from a woman’s perspective.


Social Media Marketing Podcast

Since the world of social media changes daily, this podcast is a great way to absorb information on all the latest platform changes. Hosted by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, this channel is a must-subscribe for PRs looking to become more savvy or those just looking maintain their existing social savviness.


My Dad Wrote a Porno

Have you spotted someone cracking up laughing on the Tube recently? They were probably listening to the brilliance that is My Dad Wrote a Porno. With over 50 million downloads, MDWAP is probably one of the most successful podcasts series this past year, TimeOut even went as far to call it a ‘cultural phenomenon’. The premise? Jamie Morton’s (the podcast creator) Dad was inspired by 50 Shades and so tried his hand at writing his own ‘dirty book’. Instead of ignoring it, Jamie got his friends together to sit down and read it with him. Each episode they read one chapter. Prepare to laugh hysterically.


Social Media Hour

Another social media podcast, Tyler Anderson’s channel is a recent find for me but I have really enjoyed the episodes I have listened to so far. He always has really interesting guests (often social media strategists from big companies) on his show to discuss the latest social techniques and trends. Recent episodes have covered topics such as how to generate leads with online videos and tips for restaurants using social media.


The Documentary, BBC World Service

I am a documentary addict, so the World Service’s The Documentary podcast quenches my constant curiosity about the world. From Japan’s reproductive rates to the American election – I learn a new thing about the world every time I download an episode. It’s a great way to turn a commute into a lesson.