Olivia Williams

Account Executive

Olivia stands out for her passion for making change happen.

A recent graduate from Durham University, reading Politics, International Relations and English Literature, Olivia has been involved in creative campaigning for a number of years. Her drive to change hearts and minds fuels her interest in communications and the way it’s used to shift awareness, attitudes, and behaviour.

Currently working on a range of health, consumer and education accounts, Olivia has previously interned for an MP's office in Westminster, at a county council and at the Women’s Aid Organisation in Malaysia. She has also had stints working on the newsdesks at local newspapers.

Tenacious and curious, she describes herself as optimistically idealistic, but necessarily realistic. She is fascinated by the way storytelling, done right, can unlock a sense of empathy and compassion in others.

In her spare time, you’ll find Olivia performing, listening and dancing to a spectrum of funky music (unless she is reading or asleep).