Laura Oliphant

Founder and Managing Director

Laura stands out for her fierce tenacity, big thinking and bright ideas. An industry expert who loves business as much as PR, she has more than twenty years experience with clients of every size and sector. She’s passionate about big ideas and challenging the way people think and act. Before launching Stand, she spent ten years building Kindred into the fastest-growing consumer agency in the UK. Laura’s highly strategic mind always cuts straight to the solution when others still can’t see the wood for the trees, and she never shies away from a meaty communications problem. This elegant and expert navigator leads her team and her clients to the right answer every time – with never a ruffled feather in sight.

A competitive and rebellious streak means Laura never gives up on a challenge, while her humour and charm bring light to the most serious of meetings. She’s the mastermind behind high-impact campaigns addressing a lack of interest in science, encouraging small business lending, poor school meals, university attendance and living with dementia. Her past clients range from the biggest government departments, to charities working on the smallest of budgets. Having created a leading agency in the past, Laura is building Stand into something even greater. Whilst rarely beaten by any challenge, whether a recipe, joining a choral choir or a yoga position, her proudest achievement is her daughter who she describes as a brighter, more charming and talented version of herself – who has her ambitions set on being a super-successful vlogger