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Our #CrackingClientCoverage in February

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After an amazing start to the year, February has proved to be another successful month full of #CrackingClientCoverage and other exciting projects! Here are some of our favourite bits.


It’s been a busy month on the moneycorp account and one area we’ve seen particular success is on Twitter. In February, we achieved a record 450 new followers in just the one month. With a much more hands-on approach to this social platform in 2017 we are seeing incredible results already – December saw 113 new followers, whereas January received 295, and last month we were heading towards 500! With a winning combination of travel inspiration and engaging news stories, we are excited to keep up this pace on moneycorp’s social media in March.


This month we’ve been working with SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly) to coordinate a new partnership with The Yorkshire Post. At the end of March, the regional paper and SFE will be hosting a joint event for the general public with the aim of informing people about the best ways to draw up a will and plan ahead for the future. We’ve been working closely with The Yorkshire Post to produce a series of articles in the run up to the event and it’s great to see so many people already interested. Not only does this showcase SFE’s expertise in this area, it also helps people gain a better understanding of some difficult topics and what they need to do about it, which makes us feel pretty good!

Oliver Wyman

We secured a brilliant piece of coverage in The Sunday Telegraph this month for management consultancy, Oliver Wyman. What was particularly positive about this piece was the fact the journalist came to us with a request to speak to partner James Basden about the issue following a successful media briefing. The resulting article spanned three-quarters of a page in the weekend paper and positions Oliver Wyman as both an expert voice and a reliable source of insight within the energy sector.

Thinking small brings new energy to UK 


Since the incredible success of our ‘Standing Up 4 Sitting Down’ campaign at the end of 2016 we’ve continued to work with Anchor, this time to highlight how risky the proposed Local Housing Authority caps (LHA caps) are for older people living in sheltered housing. In a nutshell, the proposed caps would result in most residents facing a shortfall between their housing benefits and the price of their accommodation, which is usually higher due to the additional services available that make them so great in the first place.

We’re currently targeting key trade publications to draw attention to the issue within the industry and we are very happy with this piece in Inside Housing!