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SU4SD takes on poor public transport etiquette

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After two successful and award-winning campaigns focused on increasing seating on the high street, the third instalment of Anchor Hanover‘s Standing Up 4 Sitting Down addressed the issue of seating in public spaces more broadly.

We knew from insight that older people face a particular challenge when it comes to seating on public transport, making it tough for them to get out as much as they’d like. When we delved into the issue, we knew it was a conversation starter so set upon a story to uncover people’s poor ‘public transport etiquette’ – with our client Anchor Hanover at the centre.

The result was a hard-hitting story that uncovered the extent of people’s unwillingness to give up their seat, and the impact this has on older people. From the physical pain of having to stand during a journey, to the loneliness faced by older people who choose to stay at home because they are worried about travelling.     

Our story resonated with the experiences of many and, in a week where Brexit made for tight column inches, our story created headlines across national and regional news outlets; including The Times, Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Mirror, and Yours. Anchor Hanover’s spokespeople took to the airwaves with multiple interviews on national and regional stations.

The campaign helped to further establish Anchor Hanover’s reputation as a champion of older people. And beyond older people, we helped to spread a bigger message – we all need to take more care of our fellow passengers– whatever their reason for needing a seat. Check out the SU4SD campaign here.