We highlighted the power of female voices and that books written by women, are for everyone

The Challenge 

Make the Women’s Prize for Fiction more relevant to a contemporary audience by exploring its richness, diversity and the power of female storytelling.

Our Approach 

Our insight work resulted in a new strategic objective - showing readers that books written by women, are for everyone. The announcement of the Prize’s new charitable status was an opportunity to develop the Prize’s vision, message and narrative and broaden engagement. We established a reactive press office to take the Women’s Prize into new media spaces, and beyond the literary pages.  Our core messages communicated the Prize’s status but also focused on highlighting the role and power of women’s voices.  

The Results 

Throughout the 2019 Prize cycle we secured more than 950 dedicated pieces of coverage, reaching entirely different audiences including: The Times, BBC News, Daily Mail, Oprah Magazine, Vogue, The GuardianGood Housekeeping, Sky News and BBC 6 Music.

Stand are professional, efficient and creative in their approach to media management and their strong relationships with journalists have really benefited the Women’s Prize. They’ve also helped to crystallise our vision and mission as an organisation and even came up with the brilliant strapline ‘Written by women. For everyone” which we now use on our website and press releases.