We helped a local authority encourage residents to think differently about their neighbours and community.

The Challenge

The London borough of Waltham Forest, is home to quarter of a million people. Waltham Forest believes in the importance of ensuring residents feel involved, when it comes to decisions about their borough. Over the next three years, it will receive Government funding for initiatives to create a more integrated community.

Our brief was to develop a strategic consumer-facing campaign, communicating the Authority’s plans for these funds and calling on local people to help.

Our Approach

With so many key stakeholders invested in the campaign, collaboration with the local authority’s Board, community leaders and residents was essential. In Phase 1, we ran workshops to determine vision and narrative. We hosted focus groups to roadtest messaging, look and feel. Through a tender process, we appointed a designer to create the campaign’s visual identity. We also developed a three-year delivery plan to make it a reality.

The Results

The Our Place campaign was formally launched at a borough event in April 2019.

Our careful, consultative and strategic approach resulted in a campaign that the people of Waltham Forest can truly support. Its success will depend on action by local residents to build an integrated, supportive and safe community. Over a period of six months, our work helped to ensure the borough’s residents felt involved in the campaign, and committed to its success.