The challenge

With thousands of businesses distressed or at risk of failure during the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an urgent need to raise awareness of the UK’s world-leading business rescue expertise, which was previously little-known and poorly understood.

Together with the Institute for Turnaround (IFT) we set out to urge the UK business community to seek turnaround support before opting straight for insolvency.

Our approach

We launched the IFT’s impact report to national, business and local media, to highlight that insolvency isn’t the only option for businesses in distress, and that turnaround options could preserve jobs and livelihoods, uphold local industries, protect economic value and strengthen public service organisations.

To maintain increased awareness during the pandemic, we leveraged content and angles we knew would appeal to media during this time of uncertainty and unrest, focusing on thought leadership opportunities for senior spokespeople. By harnessing key news hooks across the summer, we were able to continue the national education on the value of turnaround.

The results

Our proactive outreach resulted in five media briefings with respected national business journalists and eight pieces of coverage across key national, business and regional media, with a combined reach of 1.3million people. All coverage highlighted the importance of turnaround expertise for distressed businesses.

We secured three quality thought leadership pieces in well-read trade publications, positioning the IFT as the go-to expert on business turnaround.

Milly Camley, CEO of the Institute for Turnaround said:

 “The UK has a skilled but little-known turnaround community committed to business rescue. These skills are critical to avoiding unnecessary insolvencies during and after the Covid-19 crisis.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with Stand Agency to raise awareness of such an important issue, in what’s proved to be an especially challenging year for businesses. Stand’s strategic advice and thorough understanding of the media landscape ensured our report landed with impact, and started the important conversation around the vital importance of turnaround for UK businesses.”


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