The challenge

Teach First believes in building a fair education for all. We were tasked with repositioning Teach First as the go-to organisation, for not just those wishing to make the transition to teaching, but people who want to make a difference.

Our approach

To reach both university graduates and careers changers, we took a two-pronged approach. Our first campaign targeted career changers, making them consider their current position and consider their future career. We commissioned research which demonstrated that lots of people were dissatisfied with their current jobs. A bank of case studies, which included ex-policewomen, ex-barristers, ex-footballers, told the story of how they found teaching more rewarding than they’d ever imagined. Next, we put children front and centre, by creating the ‘Will you be my teacher’ campaign. Using inspiring messages from children, we created a LinkedIn job advert for teachers.

The results

We reached over 8 million people, with 51 pieces of coverage. On LinkedIn, we had 34 applicants, and almost 1000 views of the job advert.