We helped young people to feel empowered about their online lives

The challenge

The UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC) coordinates the UK’s annual Safer Internet Day, a global advocacy day encouraging safe and responsible technology use for young people. They believe in making the internet a safe and inclusive place for everyone. Our brief was to develop an empowering, impactful story that acknowledged the risks whilst also highlighted the positives of being online.

Our approach

We knew the key to success was placing young people at the heart of the conversation. Our research told a balanced and nuanced story: sharing content helps young people connect with the world, but a lack of clarity around the ‘rules’ of consent causes confusion.

We secured support from partners including the BBFC, BBC and major internet service providers to maximise impact. We leveraged a breaking news story to ensure UKSIC’s messaging was part of the conversation. 

The results

We secured a reach of over 682 million people across 96 print and online outlets. Highlights include MetroTES and i News. Broadcast highlights include BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours and BBC World Service.

UKSIC’s Digital Leaders, young ambassadors for the scheme, interviewed the Department of Health and Social Care’s Chief Medical Officer on BBC News at 6 and 10, around the Department’s newly-published advice to parents about screen time.


This Safer Internet Day campaign has been incredible. Stand’s hard work and advice helped ensure our research and messages achieved cut through in a competitive news space. We are delighted with the results and the day itself was extraordinary. To have young people at the centre of the conversation is such an important achievement. We loved working with the team and feel very proud of what’s been achieved. We very much look forward to the opportunity to work together again.

Will Gardner

CEO, UK Safer Internet Centre