We carved out a new brand position for a leading fintech lending platform

The challenge

Freedom Finance is a fintech lending platform powering many of the biggest names in retail lending. Their proprietary technology helps borrowers compare products and rates they are eligible for, without impacting credit scores.

Our challenge was to carve out a unique space for Freedom Finance to own in the saturated consumer credit and comparison market, to build brand equity and awareness in order to drive growth.

Our approach

After conducting extensive market research, we recommended a comprehensive brand repositioning.

Our research showed that borrowers were inundated with countless lending products and rates but that this ‘choice’ was often illusory. Consumers were confused, frustrated and disillusioned by the borrowing process.

To illustrate the problem, we launched ‘Personal Finance Paralysis’, an integrated media campaign, that calculated the cost of putting off or delaying making important decisions like re-mortgaging and consolidating loans.

We strategically positioned Freedom Finance as a consumer champion campaigning for ‘clarity not just choice’ and firmly established Freedom Finance’s position in the market, giving the brand a purpose and a voice.

The results

The ‘clarity not just choice’ message runs through the brand’s internal and external communications like a stick of rock.

The campaign introduced Freedom Finance’s new positioning and translated into widespread national coverage in target broadsheets and online. The campaign achieved total OTS of 370,346,585 and featured in titles such as Daily Telegraph, The Independent, This Is Money, Daily Mirror and the Daily Express.