We helped give a voice to people with learning disabilities and autism campaigning for change

The challenge

There are approximately 1.5 million people in the UK with learning disabilities, but their stories are not often told. Dimensions, a support provider for people with autism and learning disabilities, asked us to give a voice to the people they support and to tackle some of the biggest issues facing this community – from hate crime to healthcare inequality.

Our approach

We launched an in-depth report exploring the alarming inequalities that people with learning disabilities experience at their local GP practice, campaigning for mandatory training for GPs on how to make reasonable adjustments for patients with learning disabilities.

We gave victims of hate crime a national platform to tell their story, and raised awareness about other important issues, from creating autism friendly environments to safe spaces online.

We also challenged misconceptions about people with learning disabilities and autism, shining a light on role models in the community by launching Dimensions’ inaugural Leaders’ List.

The results

Across our campaigns, we’ve secured blanked national, regional and consumer coverage for Dimensions – from interviews with BBC Radio 5 on the social care agenda, to in-depth features in Metro and Stylist on cervical screenings for women with learning disabilities.

But it’s not just about coverage ‘numbers’ - our goal was to give people a platform to share their own stories and to create real change.

This is why coverage secured for Dimensions campaigns always includes commentary or insights from a person with a learning disability or a family member, putting the perspectives of those who matter front and centre.

In February, the Government announced plans to introduce mandatory learning disability and autism training for NHS and social care staff, and initiatives spearheaded by Dimensions, including autism friendly cinemas are being rolled out around the country.