We got the UK media talking about one of the most taboo topics

The challenge
Constipation can be an embarrassing condition which people don’t want to talk, or even think about. At its most serious, it is a debilitating condition that stops people leaving their homes.

Coloplast brought us on board to get people talking about constipation, challenge the view they should suffer in silence and show everyone the different options they have to avoid and manage the condition.

Our approach
We launched the Cost of Constipation report to lift the lid on just how much constipation affects the lives of everyday Brits. We found that constipation costs the UK health service £145 million every year – to treat what is often a completely avoidable issue. Starting a national conversation about bowel health, we positioned Coloplast as leading the charge for change.

Since constipation can be an indicator of more serious health issues, the report acted as a catalyst for media to wade into the conversation, with follow-up stories such as ‘The Big British Poo survey’ – a survey that unearthed Brits’ lack of knowledge when it came to their bowel health – and gave the issue further media exposure. 

The results
We secured 19 pieces of coverage with national hits multiple times in publications such as the Mail Online (MarchJuly)Daily ExpressMetro, BBC News and Huffington Post; along with a stream of consumer coverage including: Good Housekeeping (MayJuly) , Cosmopolitan, Women’s Weekly, Readers Digest and Real People

Trade media stories were secured in NHS Voices, Public Net and The Women’s Primary Care Health Forum.