Rhiannon Hughes

Budget day: is Osborne’s ‘long term economic plan’ a winning short term electoral strategy?

Posted by Rhiannon Hughes

Delivering his final Budget of this Parliament, the Chancellor celebrated ‘a Britain walking tall again’ and set out his intention for a continued ‘long term economic plan’, which commentators and politicians alike all accepted really translated as a short term electoral strategy. Read more “Budget day: is Osborne’s ‘long term economic plan’ a winning short term electoral strategy?”

Grace French

Changing behaviour? It’s all in the mind

Posted by Grace French

This week I’m attending Ecobuild, the sustainable design, construction and energy event and a quick look at the conference programme got me thinking. There’s an intriguing session called ‘Unlocking environmentally responsible behaviour – can mindfulness help us make the change?’ I’m by no means a mindfulness expert but my understanding is that it’s a technique to improve life through increased awareness of the here and now. Could a more ‘in the moment’ appreciation of our world help promote less environmentally damaging behaviour? And if so, could mindfulness be a useful tool for wider communications and campaigning? Read more “Changing behaviour? It’s all in the mind”

Laura Oliphant

Keep going for your serve

Posted by Laura Oliphant

A few weeks ago pictures were shared of Andy Murray’s motivational notes he carries with him during a big match. Some of them apply to life in general, like be good to yourself and others are more tennis specific, like keep going for your serve.  The idea of reminding yourself of what helps you perform at your best got me thinking about what inspires me to be the best I can be. So taken with this idea we have created a quote wall at Stand Agency Towers so we can get some quick inspiration on the way to the kitchen.  In terms of what I would have on my motivational crib sheet here are a few ideas: Read more “Keep going for your serve”