Miri Buac

Youth Sport Trust appoints Stand Agency for social and content campaign

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National children’s charity, Youth Sport Trust has appointed Stand Agency to build a social and content communications campaign for its School Games project. Stand Agency will work with influencers and young people to encourage 14-16 year olds to be more active.

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Amelia Putt

Putting a child in charge of Mother’s day

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Our work with Florismart showcases the talents of independent florists, so for Mother’s Day we put that to the test by asking 4-year-old Aariyan to pick the flowers for a special bouquet for his mum.

Mother’s Day is a key date in the floristry calendar, and independent florists have the edge on supermarket counterparts with their ability to create amazing bespoke gifts. With Aariyan in charge, could our florist rise to the challenge and still create something beautiful?

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Miri Buac

Winners! Legal PR and Media Comms award goes to – SFE and Stand Agency

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Stand Agency is adding to its award cabinet having won the coveted Legal PR and Media Comms award at last night’s LexisNexis Awards.

We were awarded for our work with Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) on the fight for fairer probate fees which encouraged the Government to back down on its proposal, after the Ministry of Justice published a consultation paper planning significant fee rises.

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Freya Trevor-Harris

Hit or Miss – a pink too far?

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This year has encompassed #MeToo and #TimesUp, the phasing out of Grid Girls and the publication of gender pay gaps; the battleground of gender equality is constantly gaining momentum. This leaves brands in a quandary, to overlook International Women’s Day looks stuffy, but by engaging with the day they open themselves up to debate on their motivation, and on their methods.

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Beccy Churchill

Putting local florists at the heart of Valentine’s Day

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Working with Florismart and The British Florist Association, our PR work focuses on raising awareness of the UK’s independent floristry industry, highlighting the skilled craft of floristry. In turn, we want to encourage Brits to value and favour the work of their local high street florists over supermarket alternatives.

With Valentine’s Day being such a key moment for florists all over the country, we used the day to draw attention to independent florists. Read more “Putting local florists at the heart of Valentine’s Day”

Beccy Churchill

Revealing the digital world as a double edged sword for UK youth

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On Tuesday 6th of February more than six months of planning came to a head as Safer Internet Day was celebrated across the globe.

Working with the UK’s official organiser of the day, UK Safer Internet Centre, we were briefed to make sure UK Safer Internet Centre was front and centre in all #SID2018 media conversations, so we needed a plan that would cut through the noise.

Knowing that many would release a story that focussed purely on the negative effects of the online world, we worked with UKSIC to develop a story that felt honest and positive for young people, not patronising. Read more “Revealing the digital world as a double edged sword for UK youth”

Beccy Churchill

Breaking the silence for lonely older people

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We were really proud to launch Contact the Elderly’s latest national media campaign last week. The campaign – which used a combination of a news story and a shareable social video –  aimed to highlight the issue of loneliness post-Christmas and drum up donations for the charity in the New Year.

When it comes to fundraising, we know social media and shareable video are incredibly powerful tools, so it was fantastic to be able to harness them for our latest campaign for the charity.

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Jessica Nazaire

Standing Up 4 Sitting Down 2.0

Posted by Jessica Nazaire

It’s no mean feat combatting ageism on the high street – but it’s the kind of cause that keeps Stand going.

We first launched Standing Up 4 Sitting Down a year ago, a campaign calling on high street retailers, big and small, to include more seats in stores and improve accessibility for older people. Turns out this was an issue close to the hearts of many people living in England.

Initially we secured retail partnerships from Debenhams, Hotter and independent retail stores around the country, and secured widespread coverage in print, online and broadcast.

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Katie Elliott

Have yourself a sustainable little Christmas

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As we approach the three-week countdown to Christmas, there’s no hiding from consumerism; everywhere we turn, we’re being tempted or encouraged to buy buy buy (and us Standees are dangerously close to Oxford Street!).

Even Christmas Jumper Day, our favourite festive fundraiser from Save The Children, indirectly encourages people to head to the high street and snap up a cheesy Christmas jumper bargain for the day. While it’s fun to get involved and raise money for a very worthy cause, it’s still fast fashion and there’s the worry that encouraging unsustainable buying habits could be doing more harm than good.

Now, we’re by no means Scrooges, but we do like to stick up for what we believe in. So this year, Stand HQ is putting a sustainable spin on one of our favourite festive days. Here’s how we plan to keep the workplace thoughtfully festive and fashionable this year, and we encourage you to do the same!

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Anthony Di Natale

Disrupting the banking market

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I was walking through my hometown in Peterborough last week when I stumbled across a brand-new Metro Bank outlet. It’s a pretty impressive building, and as the Bank’s 50th branch, it celebrated with a two-day grand opening party.

Despite Metro Bank’s self-proclamation as the ‘revolution in British banking’, I noticed most passersby staring in bewilderment. It was clear that most people had never seen or heard of Metro Bank before.

When it opened in 2010, Metro Bank was the first new high street bank to launch in over 150 years. It was viewed as a legitimate ‘challenger’ to the Big Four (HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, RBS), offering branches open seven days a week, walk-in appointments and straightforward products. Different, yes. ‘Revolutionary’, not so sure.

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