Millie Daly

Mental Health in Music and Beyond

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Mental health and partying are not two things that traditionally go together, but last week party pros Percolate and East London rave venue Oval Space hosted a fundraiser for the mental health charity Mind. The aim was to open up a conversation, identify key issues and raise the profile of mental health in the music industry.

We’re probably guilty of assuming every artist loves their job and knows how lucky they are, but it doesn’t mean they don’t feel anxious, depressed or in need of help just like anyone else.

It was interesting to hear the panel describe some of the pressures producers, musicians and artists feel, particularly the pressure to be creative ‘on tap’. This got me thinking… can the same be said for creative professions more widely? Whilst PR, marketing and advertising aren’t quite the same as producing songs, novels or artworks, we do work in high-pressured environments in which we are expected to be creative ‘now’ and at a consistently high level. Over time, these demands can take their toll on wellbeing, and maintaining good mental health never seems top of our priority list.

The crux of the conversation, at least for me, is about being more honest when it comes to our mental health. It’s about taking the time, asking the questions and creating a support network for those who might be struggling. Last week, the Shaw Mind Foundation created a petition for our Government to make mental health education part of the UK curriculum. By educating young people about the issue in school, I truly believe we can encourage open discussions and help reduce the stigma attached to mental health. If you are as passionate about this subject as I am, then show your support and your signature.