Miri Buac

Meet Stand Agency’s… Rebecca Merchant

Posted by Miri Buac

How and why did you get involved in PR?

The main aim when job-hunting after graduation was to get some experience in the charity sector. Second to that was to find a job that was fun, engaged in current affairs, and one that would keep me on my toes. As a result, I was lucky enough to bag a crazy and rewarding internship in the media team at Comic Relief. PR turned out to be everything I was looking for – sociable, topical, creative and the right balance of work and play. I haven’t looked back since!

What attracted you to work at Stand Agency?

Differentiating Stand from other agencies is its commitment to working for the greater good. I’m all about that. And the people; they’re talented, experienced and full of energy but, most importantly, they’re all good eggs (did I really just call my new team members eggs?) that stick up for what they believe in.


What do you enjoy doing beyond the walls of Stand Towers?

I’m a bit of a globetrotter that’s always in search of sunnier climes. In fact, I’ve just returned from three months travelling India’s beaches, jungles, mountains and deserts. Saying that, I do love the UK and when on British soil you’ll catch me dancing away at a festival or on the hunt for fun events across London.


In another life, what profession other than yours would you have attempted?

I’ve always fancied myself as an archaeologist. I think this may have been inspired by Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s mum who worked as an archaeologist in Peru! Aside from that, I love history and think I’d quite enjoy a life outside digging up dinosaurs and pottery.


What pearls of wisdom can you impart to those embarking on a career in PR?

It’s a simple one that’s extends beyond PR but isn’t always as easy as it should be – just be nice and kind to everyone you come across. Whether a journalist, client, or other team member, one day they may well be the key contact that you wish you’d have made more of an effort with.

And try not to take things to heart. You will get snapped at, your coverage will be dropped last minute, you will send an email to someone you really shouldn’t have done – but keep your chin up, move on, and you’ll be right!


Rebecca’s S.T.A.N.D quick-fire faves:

Song – Can I have two? I’m a shameless RiRi fan so it has to be Rude Boy. And let’s go with a 90s classic and guaranteed party starter – Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters

Taste – Anything Kinder. Bueno, hippos, eggs – I’ll take the lot

Animal – Lion for sure. I aspire to have hair like a lion’s mane and generally do when I wake up

Noise –  The sound of the sea against the pebbles on Brighton beach

Drink – I can’t say no to a Dark and Stormy