Cait Dacey

The politicisation of entertainment shows

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In the last month Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) has become the most complained about show of the decade because some viewers disagreed that it should be used as a platform to highlight issues like racism and Black Lives Matter (BLM). The Ofcom complaints focused on Diversity’s powerful BLM performance, Alesha Dixon’s BLM necklace and finally comedian Nabil Adbulrashid’s performance that included poignant reminders of racism in British society.

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Cait Dacey

Pitching to media during a global pandemic

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The PR industry has evolved a great deal over time, with the original focus solely on securing coverage, to adapting broad offerings, much like the services offered at Stand – including digital, strategy, insight and creative. However, while excelling in these areas, it’s still important that agencies deliver outstanding results when it comes to coverage. Getting news in the paper, online and on the TV and radio may be harder on some days than others, but once you understand what makes a story, and you push your team in that direction, coverage should follow – right?

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