Beccy Churchill

Putting local florists at the heart of Valentine’s Day

Posted by Beccy Churchill

Working with Florismart and The British Florist Association, our PR work focuses on raising awareness of the UK’s independent floristry industry, highlighting the skilled craft of floristry. In turn, we want to encourage Brits to value and favour the work of their local high street florists over supermarket alternatives.

With Valentine’s Day being such a key moment for florists all over the country, we used the day to draw attention to independent florists.

We came up with a fun survey story that brought out our key messages. Along with pinpointing the exact point in a relationship when someone expects Valentine’s Day flowers, we highlighted how 62.7% women prefer flowers bought from a local florist over supermarkets and mass-produced online retailers.

With our fun and light-hearted story, we secured five national pieces of coverage, two consumer pieces and one influencer piece. Overall, this secured an opportunity to see (OTS) for our stories of more than 76.3million.

Alongside the print editions of the Daily Mirror and Daily Record, we secured the below online coverage:

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