Sam Clarke

Operations Manager

Sam stands out for her ability to process accounting like a well-oiled machine with flair and absolute rigour. Her organisation and taste buds were tested in her previous role as an expert buyer for one of the UK’s largest food retailers – so she’s used to keeping things in-check for big organisations.

Sam is a volunteer treasurer at her local preschool, and she won’t rest until she gets the books in order. At Stand, she enjoys nothing more than to keep us all in line and she won’t hesitate to let us know when something doesn’t add up. Sam is an expert at budgets and ensures that Stand Agency’s operations run smoothly – she gets to the root of any formula, and will never turn down a challenge.

Once she’s put down the calculator, you can find Sam getting her hands dirty whilst gardening in her back yard. She also enjoys arts and crafts – we love her having her hand-knitted scarfs and home-made bouquets in the office!