Nyree Ambarchian


Nyree stands out for her serious dedication to projects that matter. With more than a decade of experience spanning farming, food, construction, care, education, infrastructure and sustainability, her specialist knowledge is impressive. She loves working for not-for-profit and charity organisations or any project she knows is going to make a difference. A linguistic genius who can say ‘monkey’ in more than fifty languages, she knows exactly how to invigorate issues with a fresh angle – and challenge people to see and act in new ways.

Guilty of believing anything is possible, Nyree loves nothing better than a good plan. Having led behaviour change campaigns for sustainability organisations and charities, and the ingenious Grey Matters campaign, she knows how to challenge people’s perceptions and change the way they act. She has communicated to farmers after the foot and mouth crisis, encouraged young people into civil engineering careers, and changed perceptions of struggling schools. Well-versed in community engagement and public consultation too, she’ll guide you through the planning system like a pro, having delivered campaigns for offshore wind projects, large and small-scale housing, the UK’s largest solar farm, business parks, and energy from waste facilities.  A keen horse-rider and unashamed Harry Potter fan, she also chairs a history and environment charity, and founded the Contact the Elderly Peterborough Tea Party group.