Miri Buac

Senior Account Executive

Miri stands out for her creative eye and ability to see the bigger picture. Her degree in literature, film, and theatre means you can guarantee her creativity in any situation. Whether discussing the latest blockbuster, or the next event for a campaign, you can rely on Miri to add the extra gem that will bring big ideas to life.

With a keen eye for design, and a love of all things visual, Miri always approaches a PR brief with a different viewpoint. Coming at an issue or problem from a new angle is what Miri loves best – and encouraging others to do the same. A great communicator, Miri has secured cracking press coverage for clients across national and trade media on topics as broad as specialist finance, young people and employability, how music can make workplaces more effective, and why getting a legal power attorney in place is so important.

Prior to joining Stand, she developed online content for BBC Radio 1 and helped launch Apple Music. Miri originally  joined Stand Agency as an intern, and hasn’t left Stand towers since! At university she won awards for radio broadcasting and helped deliver an international campaign during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.