We got people thinking about future risks and planning ahead for later life.

Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) – the national membership of lawyers specialising in older client law

More than two million people in the UK are unable to make their own decisions, perhaps because of dementia, brain injury, learning disability, or mental illness. Many assume that we can rely on our next of kin to ensure our wishes are carried out – but this isn’t the case. We set out to change people’s perceptions, get them thinking about the pitfalls and risks of not planning and highlight the importance of getting the right legal documents in place to safeguard our finances, health and care.

A big challenge we faced is the public’s complete ignorance of the need to plan ahead. To shed light on this, we launched some national research that painted a worrying picture about the nation’s preparation for later life. We created an authoritative white paper that gave guidance on how people can protect their wishes whilst positioning SFE as the gold standard for legal advice in this area of law.

While legal professionals are naturally cautious about sharing information and the majority of case studies are confidential, we worked with the team to create interesting and engaging content, to position SFE as a leading expert in its field. We secured a feature piece on BBC Radio Four, as well as wide-spread regional and trade coverage. Working with member law firms and legal experts, we’re continuing to position SFE as a leading voice when it comes to planning ahead.