We helped a national charity tackle corporate sponsorship

Living Streets: finding the right fit for charity and businesses partnerships

The charity behind the National Walk to School campaign knew they needed support from corporates to achieve their ambitious goals and champion the benefits of walking. From the start, we saw this as a communications challenge we could address.

Combining analysis and creativity we got to the heart of the issue. Speaking to Living Streets’ staff; partner schools and local authorities; as well as businesses, we found the sweet-spot between Living Streets’ strengths and what a corporate sponsor is looking for.

To help the charity get the green light for funding we developed a clear and compelling ask, conveyed the urgency behind the need for support, and demonstrated evidence of the charity’s impact.

We also provided a segmentation model to target the right sponsors with the right ask for funds and support for Living Streets. In addition, we provided a long term route map with guideline fundraising targets to support Living Streets to grow its corporate income in the years ahead.

Following our success, we are now working with Living Streets on two further projects; the first to secure financial support for Walk to School Week, and the second to prepare their sponsorship and campaigning ask for corporate partners.