Meaningful media coverage

We live and breathe the media. We consume it, talk about it, share it and follow its ever-changing developments. We take the time to build relationships with journalists and understand what content and stories they want.

It’s this obsession with the media, combined with strategic thinking, compelling messaging and killer ideas, that allows us to generate brilliant press coverage for our clients. Whatever their size or budget.

What we do

Strategy and planning

This is always our starting point.  It’s surprising how many communications campaigns don’t have a business or organisational goal at their heart. We always look at the big picture to ensure our recommendations support what you’re trying to achieve. No PR strategy is complete without powerful creative ideas, and we will never present a proposal without them.

We offer:
  • PR strategy workshops and planning sessions
  • Creative ideas brainstorming

Brand positioning and messaging

We believe your customers, prospects, supporters or stakeholders should be able to sum up what you stand for in one sentence.  If your organisation doesn’t have a compelling brand position and messages, how can you expect your target audiences to remember, act and spread the word?

We offer:
  • Brand positioning and messaging workshops
  • Audits of your comms materials to ensure they’re having the right impact


Our background is campaigning and we know what makes our clients worth talking about. Our PR campaigns combine creativity, strong messaging and careful timing to ensure people sit up and take notice at the right moment – whether you’re spearheading a behaviour change initiative or launching a new product or service.

We offer:
  • High-impact and creative PR and social media campaign development, planning and delivery
  • Written campaign plans that can be delivered by us, or your internal team
  • Seamless integration with other disciplines, including stakeholder relations, marketing and advertising.

Press office

In a digital world where news never sleeps, organisations are under increasing pressure to act quickly if they want to get media cut-through.

We can act as your eyes and ears, tracking the media agenda and jumping on opportunities to make your voice heard.

We offer:
  • News monitoring and rapid response with hard-hitting, pithy commentary
  • Media relationship building and briefings
  • Feature and case study placement

Corporate profiling

Without clear and sustained corporate profiling, businesses risk being little more than a name. Whether you’re looking for external investment, working to attract and retain the best staff in the industry, or building credibility with key stakeholders, we can help to strengthen your corporate reputation with the right kind of PR coverage.

We offer:
  • National thought leadership PR
  • News and feature placement around key milestones or industry best practice
  • Reporting around financial results