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Becky Merchant

Our favourite autumn campaigns – A pre-Christmas roundup

Posted by Becky Merchant

Before the imminent influx of Christmas adverts take over, there have been a couple of brilliant campaigns shared across our news feeds that have got us talking the past couple of weeks. So while we remember the days before tinsel and talking polar bears, here’s a snapshot of our recent favourites.

The end of October saw the release of ‘The heist no one is talking about’, a harrowing and hard hitting short film from Oxfam that calls on companies to stop tax dodging. The film reimagines the effects that tax avoiders have on poor countries’ vital services with a heist of nightmares in a modern hospital.

This quality and disturbing bit of film could easily be mistaken for a scene in a blockbuster thriller, showing the importance of doing something different, something that gets noticed, to ensure a campaign makes an impact. We love the fact that Oxfam is taking on big businesses with big ideas and hope it does the trick, making people take note.

Next up is Macmillan, which hit the nail on the head with its simple yet effective story about hiring its first digital nurse to combat misinformation about cancer diagnosis online. The story does a great job of capitalising on the endless reams of chat we see around ‘fake news’, offering a solution to the fact that many patients are turning to unverified sites for advice.

This quick press office story relies on good internal comms within a business; only through knowing what’s going on across an organisation can you recognise the good stories that might be happening right under your nose. Tying in nicely with the news agenda, Macmillan’s new hire saw lots of coverage across the nationals – and rightly so.

How do you overcome the crowded space of awareness days such as World Mental Health Day? Make like the male suicide prevention charity CALM and launch a campaign in the days before the event, clarifying all on the day that matters.

During the lead up to World Mental Health Day, Topman and Love Island’s Chris Hughes launched a new mineral water ‘L’Eau de Chris’, said to be infused with his tears, resulting in lots of confused coverage and chat across social media. All became clear the next day as CALM owned up to the stunt with the launch of #DontBottleItUp , encouraging men not to bottle up their emotions and marking World Mental Health Day.

As well as blanket coverage, the smart campaign also had a nice fundraising drive as actual water bottles were auctioned off to fans.

Last up, since we’re in November and it’s tough not to mention at least one Christmas campaign, a favourite so far is Marie Curie’s festive plan. We love the idea of a social movement that powers something physically visible and Marie Curie’s heart-warming #LightUpXmas stunt does just that. The charity will plant its memory powered Christmas tree in a prime spot by the London Eye this December and ask the public to share their memories on social media. The more people that get involved using the hashtag, the brighter the clever conifer’s fairy lights will shine.

While perhaps London-centric, it’s a heart-warming and positive reason for people to get involved with a social campaign. It also takes into account all-important fundraising with contactless donations around the tree.