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Anthony Di Natale

Financial Services – a knight in shining armour?

Posted by Anthony Di Natale

“Oh no, the economy’s going to pot… again!” is what many of you may be thinking at the moment, and you have good reason given the current state of alarm hovering over the global economic climate.

There’s a surfeit of financial ‘crises’ sparking across the different markets at the moment that have many economists running around like headless chickens. But what’s triggered it all? To put it simply, a concoction of China’s market slump, concerns around US growth, and a devastating fall in demand for oil, is making the global economy extremely volatile.

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Jessie Kenneth

Setting the nation a challenge with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Posted by Jessie Kenneth

Here at Stand we are always up for a challenge, so when we heard that The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) had big plans for its Diamond Anniversary year, we were keen to get involved. We have been working with the DofE since October, helping to shape the activity for 2016 and making sure the anniversary year kicked off with a bang.

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Georgina Miller

Disruptor brands – an industry challenge or an opportunity?

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Recently an article by Ian Griggs in PR Week caught my eye. It was about challenger brands being considered the biggest potential ‘crises’ in the eyes of established players. I, and several of those quoted in the article, thought it was a bit strong to label market disruption a crisis. Jim Hawker’s comments resonated the strongest with me, saying that “the best way to respond is to innovate today rather than scramble to respond tomorrow”.

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