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Sarah Miles

But is the grass really always greener?

Posted by Sarah Miles

When working in the communications industry, you’re often asked the same question – ‘in-house or agency?’, and for many the answer will be a no-brainer.

But while both parties will defend their camps, they may be secretly curious as to whether they are missing something on the other side, and if the grass could be greener. Some will jump ship, while others will remain strong and avoid moving too far out of their comfort zone. Read more “But is the grass really always greener?”

Nyree Ambarchian

We’re hiring: Account Director

Posted by Nyree Ambarchian

We’re now on the hunt for an ambitious and energetic Account Director to join our talented, hardworking and friendly team.

We’re looking for an ambitious candidate who wants to make their mark in an exciting small agency. The ideal candidate will have financial B2C and B2B PR experience and outstanding national media relations skills as well as contacts in the business / finance sectors.

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Holly Ellis

Challenging the norm

Posted by Holly Ellis

Here at Stand Agency, we like to do things differently, and as our name suggests, we’re certainly not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

We get the best results by finding a strategy that works, even if that means defying ‘normal conventions.’ We know what we want and we aren’t afraid to challenge the norms to achieve it.

Working with clients that are challengers in their industry and who contest the norm to make a difference is one of our passions and we love getting their voices heard.

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Rhiannon Hughes

Reshuffling Westminster

Posted by Rhiannon Hughes

So, as David Cameron settles back into life at No.10, newly reshuffled Ministers receive their first red boxes in their new departments and the great scramble from MPs – old and new – for the best offices on the Parliamentary estate begins. Some might feel it’s business as usual, but is it?

Here are just some of the changes and challenges emerging from the General Election which are likely to shake things up in the Westminster bubble.

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Nikki Peters

We’re hiring: Account Executive position in London

Posted by Nikki Peters

Who we’re looking for

We’re on the hunt for an aspiring Account Executive to join our growing team working with corporate and financial services clients.

We’re looking for an ambitious candidate who wants to make their mark in an exciting small agency. The ideal candidate will have strong writing and media pitching skills and is keen to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Read more “We’re hiring: Account Executive position in London”

Beccy Churchill

Insta-masters in the culinary arts

Posted by Beccy Churchill

I must say, I consider myself quite the food stylist. I am that annoying person that rearranges the table every time we go out for brunch. I have to ensure I have the right proportion of food to flowers – just so I can get the perfect snap of the flawlessly-poured tulip in my flat white. My friends sit and wait – “hurry up Beccy, I want to eat” – but for me, Instagram always comes first. In my world, we ‘gram then we eat.

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Anthony Di Natale

Time to give something back

Posted by Anthony Di Natale

Last week I volunteered at my first Contact the Elderly tea party. I will admit I don’t do an awful lot for charity, and like many others, I’d probably try to justify this by explaining how busy I am throughout the week. This of course is a rubbish excuse, and if you find yourself saying the same thing every time you snub an opportunity to give something back to those who are less fortunate, it might be time to make a change.

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